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Fujitsu Lifebook T730

Fujitsu Lifebook


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Fujitsu T730 with
i5 Processors go for around $175 on eBay.

Why so low?   Because Fujitsu isn't a popular brand like ASUS, Dell, HP or Lenovo.  But they are very fast and highly expandable notebook computers.

My First Fujitsu

  • 3 Gigabytes RAM
  • 1TB main hard drive (C:\)
  • Stylus for touch screen
  • HDMI output
  • 3 USB2 receptacles
  • SD Card reader
  • Stylus
  • Windows 7 Pro – 32Bit

My Second Fujitsu

  • 8 Gigabytes RAM
  • 1TB main hard drive (C:\)
  • 2TB Data Drive (L:\ and M:\, one Terabyte each) Expansion Slot
  • HDMI output
  • 3 USB2 receptacles + 2 USB3 on PCI Express lot
  • SD Card reader
  • Webcam
  • Windows 10 – 64Bit

For BOTH Computers

      The drive bay (Expansion Slot) is easily removable with a side lever so any of the following can be inserted into that drive slot:

  • Removable CD/DVD drive
  • Second Battery
  • Ubuntu Hard Drive
  • Windows Xp Hard Drive (32Bit)
  • Solid State Drive (SSD)


Using both laptops makes it very easy to maintain my sites. Contact me if you want one like these. They're great laptop computers. These were originally $2000 laptops!