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Tablet Easel

   Lately I have been working a lot on computer documents; whether they be PDF files, MSOffice files or designing files on one of my websites (including this one). Doing this efficiently requires a computer with multiple screens or two computers or a computer and a tablet. I've decided to use the last method – Computer and 10in Android tablet.

   For months, actually years, I have been looking for a way to set up my tablet at home for reading, in portrait mode, that is actually practical and comfortable for reading and interacting. There are many tablet covers on the market that double as stands but they are mostly flimsy and not worth the expense.

   Today (Feb 13, 2013) while shopping for staple groceries at Wal-Mart – Leaving, I carted down the jewelry aisle and saw something that struck me as wunnerful! It's called a "3-Tier T-Bar Jewelry Display."

   Not for hanging necklaces or watches but as an easel for computer tablets. The display has the ideal angle to be adapted for viewing. The entire contact with the table would be cushioned by the suede material, no marring the computer tablet. As is, the display would need to be adapted with a base applied at the bottom bar. This display/easel is exceptionally stable; each tier is 12 inches wide, each offset from the other for good viewing.  

   Each tier is parallel offset so the base of the tablet must be held from the bottom of the first tier; otherwise, the tablet slides right off.

   This tablet base holder can be made from cup hooks, screws, dowels, rubber flashing or whatever you have handy to mount and grab the bottom of the tablet. If you use screws or similar make sure you mount them on the bottom evenly spaced from center and wide enought for holding the tablet.

   A better solution for the base holder is using rubber flashing which can be bought at a hardware store or automotive store (inexpensive). Another method is to use a dowel or one inch wooden strip, cut to 12 inches long.  That I also bought at Wal-Mart (yard sign post – cheap).   Using two "L" flat corner braces, screw it to the bottom tier. This is the method I used and shown on the picture. A wide base will enable you to use the tablet in portrait or landscpe mode. Great for Kindle, Nook, etc. Spray paint the base (before screwing on tier) and wrap it in non-skid shelf liner which usually comes in 12 inch widths and secured by thumb-tacks underneath..

   Also since the display is wide enough it can hold your earphones, thumbdrives on lanyard, watch, USB charging cable, etc. on the end

My Tablet Easel


Here are the pictures of the materials used.

I'm pretty sure there are other stores that have similar.


Total cost —- Less than $20.